For most of my childhood, my family was on the move – spending time in England, Australia, New York, Texas, and Arizona. Along the journey, my parents collected treasures and chronicled our adventures on 35 mm film.

Twigs & Shoots - 1986 Trafalgar SquareFleeting memories hang delicately from the tree of my life, but these tokens are tangible reminders, like flowers pressed in a book of remembrance. During visits home, I often sift through old journals, photographs, and souvenirs. When I see a picture of myself feeding pigeons in Trafalgar Square, I feel for just a moment as though I’m back in London on an unusually sunny day.  When I trace my fingers over the gumnut-studded pottery on the mantle of my parent’s fireplace, the scent of eucalyptus seems to drip into the air, and for a brief moment, I remember riding horse-back through the Aussie bush.

Fourteen years ago my husband and I welcomed our first child … 3 years later our second.  While tending to my kids, I found a desire to give my children the same kind of gifts my parents gave me – precious memories captured in a physical form. I bought a camera and started documenting both milestones and everyday life. Simple images and intimate moments quickly became my favorite works of encapsulated time.

Twigs & Shoots - 1994 The GrampiansI find beauty in the ordinary and imperfect; gritty fingernails, mud-stained overalls, joyous faces and carefree dances in and out of rain droplets.  I treasure the dandelions right alongside the roses.  Photojournalistic storytelling is the gift I plan to give my children as they grow.  It is the gift I will give you in your family photo session.

Photographing unscripted energy takes knowledge, talent and patience. I practice these daily in my work and in my home. I am a devoted student and continue to learn every day. No matter how mighty the oak, it never stops growing.